Monday, April 4, 2016

Web-based POS system benefits

For all retail businesses, the bottom line is income. The more they earn, the better the business runs. Traditionally, business owners relied on cash tills to collect the daily earnings. At the end of the day, the daily income was tallied with store inventory and this process was done manually. Although it was a working system, it was not efficient. Billing mistakes, cash intake errors, faults in the change returned to the customer and in-store theft frequently caused problems for the store staff. In fact, inventory and cash tallies were a major headache for store workers and it frequently affected the profitability of a business. Then came POS systems and 90 percent of the problems associated with stocking, inventory and billing disappeared.

Now Cloud-based Systems Are Here to Stay

Business owners were happy with older POS systems with the traditional hardware and software, but times have changed. Web-based POS systems offered by companies such as Shopify are faster and much more efficient compared to traditional systems. The advent of cloud computing meant that POS systems were now software based but completely online. They could be accessed directly from Internet browsers at any time from any location with secure passwords. However, convincing retail storeowners to switch over from the conventional POS system to a web-based POS may take a little time.

To encourage reluctant storeowners, here are the top ten reasons why web-based point of sale can be useful for your business.

  • Instant centralization of data is one of the primary advantages of Internet-based POS systems. Data is backed up onto a remote server and there is no chance of losing any information.
  • Remote access is easy. Because the system information is located on a remote server, users can access the data from any recognized system. This is particularly useful in the case of chain stores or if the business owner travels frequently.
  • Traditional POS systems require hardware purchases, regular software updates and even expensive software purchases. Web-based systems are based solely online and they are easy to upgrade. The manufacturer provides free updates and the software can be accessed directly through a browser.
  • The main benefit of all cloud-based systems is 24/7 customer support. Since the software is based online, the customer service section and technical support section are available 24/7. This definitely beats the 12–20-hour wait time involved in calling a technician to deal with a traditional POS system failure.
  • The overall cost is less compared to a traditional POS system. Web-based POS systems do not require extensive hardware or software installations or additional equipment. However, web-based systems do require a small monthly payment.
  • No additional training is required with web-based POS systems. Traditional POS systems are useful but they have multiple features, and users have to be trained on the system. Web systems are just plug-and-play and they are very, very easy to learn.
  • Enhanced inventory management is definitely a feature with web-based software. Older POS systems would update once an hour or once every two hours and this would create a problem. Web-based systems update everything instantaneously. That means users at multiple locations can track sales of a product almost instantly and from any location.
  • Web-based POS systems reduce the amount of paperwork in a business. Because a single computing system will track sales at multiple locations, invoice generation, billing and vendor requests can all be done from one location, reducing labor time and duplicate paperwork.
  • Web-based systems are also accessible from tablets, phablets and Internet-enabled phones. As a result, salespeople are released from the front register and they can access inventory from anywhere. In case it is required, they can also process sales from anywhere inside the store.
  • Migrating from traditional POS to web-based POS is simple. Business owners can export their data to an Excel spreadsheet and hand it over to the cloud POS system company. The company will then import and set up your account in a few days’ time.

In Conclusion: Cloud-based POS systems offer a huge range of benefits for business owners. The system runs faster and it is generally cheaper than a traditional POS system. Retailers are comfortable with the system, as almost all store personnel know how to operate Internet-based software, according to Entrepreneur. Retailers are also happy about outsourcing the IT for the system and then having their store POS system run through their browser over the Internet. As cloud-computing technology improves, the next generation of web-based POS systems could prove to be cheaper, more efficient and super-fast. They could also turn out to be the first choice for all retail industries. Source: Smoking Designers


Restograph is perfect for small and medium-sized restaurants which aims on having a perfect solution to manage and monitor their business and refrain from any additional activities such as calling store manager to ask about the day figures or printing the transactions recorded on their web-based and cloud-based POS.

Restograph transform these POS data into more readable trends and projections that will help restaurant and store owners strategize and grow their business.

Philippines' Restograph is a software-as-a-service platform which gather and transforms POS data into readable trends and projections that helps restaurant owners and managers strategize better, grow their business and prevent cases like restaurant theft. Restograph also includes presentation of customer ratings and reviews from Zomato and LooLoo.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Want to know what's the hottest restaurant management tool?

A new Restaurant Management Software hits the scene and is turning heads. I know what you may be thinking, another tool, I already have five! Well the short answer is yes! CheddrSuite Restaurant Management Software is a complete management tool that will not only improve your day to day operation but is full of profit increasing functionality. Not to mention you will be able to cancel your other management tools and possibly the best part is that it is only $49.99 a month with no hardware or upfront expenses!

The team of founders are not from the technology industry they are restaurant owners themselves and developed the Restaurant Management Software to address their own needs. They have included web-based staff scheduling, online calendar and event management, employee messaging via email and text, cost reporting, inventory, human resources document vault with training and e-signature functionality, vendor and agency contact management, shift to shift communication with task assignment and all these items are available from anywhere with online access.

Restaurants profitability hinges on two large variable expenses, labor and food costs. CheddrSuite did not leave any management part out of the scheduling and labor functionality. You will get payroll cost history for the same period of the prior year along with last years sales, overtime alerts and a payroll total amount projection for the schedule you have created. One of my favorite features was the ability to complete a schedule and then text and email it out to my entire team. Not to mention that this has become my staffs favorite feature as well. It is a close contender to their love of the ability to post shifts to a trade board and work with their team to get the schedule they want, of course all with final approval of management.

The second largest controllable expense is your food costs. CheddrSuite has industry cost standards set for you to compare your operation against. You can use the reporting tool and get alerts when you food expense rises above what you have set as a cost goal. Find out when you are eating into your profits in time to make adjustments instead of waiting for a month end financial report to show you that the increase in the cost of beef had a huge impact on your bottom line.

Learn more about CheddrSuite Restaurant Management Software.

A much popular restaurant POS data analytics software has started in the Philippines. It also helps restaurant owners and managers unlock and discover the secrets of your POS data by transforming those raw data into readable trends and projections. By its presentation, you'll be able to discover which of your menu items are selling and which are not. It also helps you to track the voided items or refunds which prevents restaurant theft.

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